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About Us

We understand your ideal website is one that’s perfectly tailored for you. Dopli Technologies strives to create a unique online experience for our clients that reflects your personality, plays to your strengths, and accomplishes your goals. Because one size does not fit all, we’ll devise a custom strategy that is as unique as your business. You can trust that the strategy we craft together will work overtime, so you don’t have to.

We help your business grow by implementing a bag of useful tools. Our experience and dedication to each of our clients produces a customized plan without the high cost of most Web, Marketing, Advertisement agencies. Seriously, what we offer combines Marketing, Advertisement and Web Agencies into a valuable and affordable package.

Check out our talented team:


Gianni Zamora


Alex Argeros

Graphic Designer

Max Rigler

Business Strategist

Our services

Your website should be an asset to your company.


For example: International Barber College brought us on their team to update their website. Not only did we update it making it look amazing, we implemented a powerful CMS (Content Management Software) and allowed interested students to ask questions. This allowed International Barber College to build up an email list, focus on their main demographics, and bring in new students.

Collective skills from our team

  • Photoshop - 100%
  • HTML5 - 100%
  • CSS3 - 100%
  • Jquery - 95%
  • JavaScript - 95%
  • Ajax - 85%
  • Wordpress - 95%
  • PHP - 95%
  • MongoDB - 85%
  • Node JS - 90%

What we do

1. Prepare our solutions for your business
2. Customize ideas for your business
3. Build the online foundation for your business
4. Continuously grow over time

Our Current Project

University Saver

Our team is currently working on a pretty cool project. University Saver is a company specializing in local coupons for university students.

What we are creating a cool, fresh website for the company. We are also developing some cool email designs, marketing material as well as a client list. They have over 2,700 current users using their service. This was a perfect opportunity for Dopli Technologies because of creativity needed for this type of service.

Learn More


Do you have an idea for an app? Lets work together to bring it on the market.

Web development

The new "front-door" of a business. It is critical to have an amazing website.

Print & Brochure

We develop graphics for your marketing needs.


Do you need a full on identity for your business? we can help


We complete your business plan on time.


Our Illustrator designers can create up some amazing graphics

Layout design

Your content has to flow. Just look at our website and tell us it's not nice.

Custom Support

Support for your business is always our number 1 priority.

Research & Development

We do not stop creating. "If you are not learning then you are dying"

Our Portfolio

Showcasing work accomplished by our team at Dopli

Television Guys
Dopli's First Homepage
E-commerce Website
International Barber College
Admin Panel
Countdown Websites
Clean Website
Club Flyers
Party Flyers
2GO! Flyer
Event Flyer
Restaurant Flyer
Barber Flyer
Corporate Flyers

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